Watch customer sessions from Catalyst 2020, Symantec’s virtual customer and partner summit on global cyber security.



Customer Sessions

Symantec leadership, threat researchers, product experts and industry insiders share their perspectives on the threat landscape and latest cybersecurity trends.

michael & manoj

Enabling Zero Trust

Michael Dubinksy (Head of Product Management - Zero Trust, Information Security Group) & Manoj Sharma (Leader, Technical Director Organization)

Zero Trust and SASE are two complementary models that are touted by industry observers and vendors as being crucial to organizations maintaining a comprehensive risk posture - but what are SASE and Zero Trust, and how do they combine to offer CISOs the peace-of-mind being promised. Join Symantec's technical leads for SASE and Zero Trust as they discuss the how and why of adopting these two increasingly relevant concepts.

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Jon & Saritha

Cyber Security in a Post-Pandemic World

Jon Olstik (Senior Principal Analyst at Enterprise Security Group) & Saritha Chadalavada (Product Manager, Email Security)

Industry analysts discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the global workforce. With the rapid move to remote working, the threat landscape has changed dramatically with an increase in phishing attacks and an urgent need to educate employees on best practices for maintaining a secure workspace when working remote.

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dick & sylvester

The Threat Posed by North Korean Cyber Attackers

Dick O'Brien (Principal Editor) & Sylvester Segura (Threat Intelligence Analyst)

North Korea is not your average nation-state attacker. A lot of businesses assume they will never be attacked by a nation-state, but that’s a mistake. Come hear the experts in North Korean Cyber Attackers, Dick O’Brien and Sylvester Segura, talk through what you need to know to protect your business from the North Korean cyber ecosystem; the varying motivations behind attack groups; and a deep dive into the operations of Stonefly, a North Korean group heavily involved in stealing industrial and military secrets.

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kris and rob

Integrated Cyber Defense: Getting More Value Out of the Product You Have

Rob Greer (VP, Information Security Group) & Kris Bugbee (Head of Central Engineering)

As the world continues to adapt to the huge changes we’re experiencing around digital transformation, privacy, and regulatory compliance, this session will provide insights from Symantec leaders Rob Greer and Kris Bugbee, as they discuss technology integrations that help address the challenges our customers face.

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Collaborative Sessions

View these recorded customer collaboration sessions, as technology partners, threat experts and Symantec customers discuss the hot topics in cybersecurity.

The SASE Security Model: Keeping Remote Workers Safe

Manoj SharmaManoj Sharma (Leader, Technical Director Organization)

Covid changed our lives forever, and with most employees working remotely, you need to think about a Secure Access Security Edge (SASE) approach. Come hear how Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense platform enables SASE and keeps your remote workers safe.

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Utilize that Power to Visualize Data Across Control Points

Colin GibbensColin Gibbens (Principal Cloud Security Product Manager, Splunk)

Come see the Symantec EDR App for Splunk in action. The app provides you an aggregated as well as individual visualizations for Network, Endpoint, and Email data.

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A Platform Approach: How You Can Reduce Costs and Shore up your Security Stack

Javier SantoyoJavier Santoyo (Senior Technical Director Enterprise Security)

Businesses are struggling with multiple point products across their security stack. Join us to hear how you can integrate your platform, including non-Symantec solutions, with Integrated Cyber Defense Exchange

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Identity Security: Next Generation Privileged Access Management

Joe BurkeJoseph Burke (Chief Architect, Privileged Access Management)

Users with access to critical information. We’re  talking about services and bots—driven by automation and DevOps. In this session, we will explore the requirements for the next generation of PAM.

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Endpoint Security: Eliminating Your Protection Blind Spots

Adam LicataAdam Licata (Director of Product Management for Endpoint Security)

Typical endpoint security solutions can leave you with protection blind spots. Come learn how Symantec's Endpoint Security eliminates those blind spots across your environment.

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Got Support Questions? Hear the Answers

Karen, Rich & JoseKaren Buffo (CMO), Rich Jardine (Vice President, Strategic Customer Success at Broadcom), Jose Davila (Head of Global Enterprise Support)

Customer Support leaders for Broadcom will answer your questions around customer and technical support.

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Network Security Roadmap: New SWG Capabilities = New Opportunities

Alan HallAlan Hall (Product Marketing Leader)

We’ve made some exciting changes to our Network portfolio, including new SWG hardware and licensing options that provide greater performance and flexibility. Deploy industry-leading, proxy-based web security wherever you need it - on-premises, as a VM or in your cloud.. Join us for a look at what’s new and what it means for you.

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Information Security: The Future of Protecting Data Everywhere

Alex Au YeungAlex Au Yeung (Head of Product, Information Security Group)

DLP and CASB have helped thousands of organizations reshape their data protection programs, simplify compliance and reduce risk. What is the outlook for information security in the years ahead? This session will provide a deeper look at our product roadmap and how our zero trust architecture can help prevent the misuse and abuse of sensitive data - wherever it lives.

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The Path to Digital Identity

Vadim LanderVadim Lander (CTO & Distinguished Engineer)

We’ve developed a security services platform that allows businesses to secure, manage, and provision Access, underpinned by a unified, cloud-native architecture of policy, risk, session, and analytics—all using a common data model. Join Vadim Lander to understand how this security services platform can help you transition to a digital identity.

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Threat Hunting 2020: Applying a Human Touch to Artificial Intelligence

jon dimaggioJon DiMaggio (Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst)

Detecting today’s threats requires more than EDR alone. With Symantec’s Threat Hunter, a new feature of Symantec Endpoint Security Complete, Symantec expert analysts take advantage of machine learning to help SOC teams expose more attacks and identify potential breaches.

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Live Q&A: How a Formula One Racing Team Went Remote

graeme and cliveGraeme Hackland (CIO, Williams Racing) & Clive Finlay (Head of EMEA Solution Engineering)

A Formula One team with 43 years, nine World Constructors’ Championships and seven Drivers’ Championships to their name, Williams Racing and all its employees were required to work remotely—and safely—after Covid-19 hit. Join Graeme Hackland, Chief Information Officer, as he answers your questions on how he and his team went from 100% in-person to 100% remote.

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Live Q&A: WastedLocker: The Inside Story

gavin & brigidGavin O'Gorman & Brigid O Gorman

At least 31 customer organizations were attacked by the WastedLocker ransomware. Symantec’s team of threat hunters found it before it could do any damage. Hear the Inside Story from the hunters themselves.



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