Securing Your Remote Workforce: Resources, Solutions and Best Practices

Overnight, your workforce moved from your offices to their homes, creating a myriad of security challenges.

What are the impacts?

Your employees are using managed and unmanaged devices to access the data and cloud applications they need to do their jobs. Symantec can help your organization protect every authorized user and every device, ensuring safe access to email, web and cloud while protecting vital corporate data and identities.


White Paper

Securing the Immediate Shift to Remote Work”:  This paper focuses on the threats that will take advantage of the huge migration of workers from the office to home. Download to learn how to protect your organization. 



5 Security Tips for Working Remotely from Home - Watch this to learn five tips for making your home a secure workspace.


Network Security

Symantec helps remote workers stay productive by extending secure access to web and email while protecting their privacy and preventing advanced threats.HUBSPOT ICONS_SED_Network Icon

Web Security Service: Greater numbers of remote users are exposing your network to additional risk. Symantec Web Security Service is an indispensable line of defense against modern-day cyber threats. It's a cloud-delivered secure web gateway that enables enterprises to control access, protect users from advanced threats, and protect sensitive data.  

Symantec Messaging Gateway: Defend against new attack campaigns that use COVID-19 to hook users into phishing or advanced malware attacks. 

Endpoint Security

As employees work remotely, they will use different devices to conduct their work and Symantec delivers endpoint security solutions for any form factor.HUBSPOT ICONS_SED_Endpoint Icon

Symantec Endpoint Security (SES): Provides visibility and peace of mind by delivering prevention and protection technology to all corporate-managed endpoints, both corporate and employee-owned.

Identity Security

As employees access applications, Symantec ensures only the right people are accessing the right resources from the right devices.HUBSPOT ICONS_SED_Identity Icon

Identity and Access Management (IAM): While users must work from home for safety, IAM enables their access in a secure way by verifying the identity of the user and ensuring that they are authorized to to access your corporate resources based on granular identity policies before granting access to your network, apps, and data. IAM also enables you to automatically de-provision access of furloughed workers now and then re-provision their access when business returns to normal. 

Privileged Access Management (PAM): Privileged accounts provide elevated and unrestricted access to users and systems and are also one of the most common attack vectors because, when compromised, they enable hackers to access critical systems, steal sensitive data, and deploy malicious code. PAM offers additional security measures for privileged accounts above and beyond what is provided by IAM, such as monitoring, session recording, and threat analytics.

Information Security

Remote workers need access to critical business information from cloud services and on-premise applications. Symantec protects your sensitive data and maintains compliance in remote work environments.HUBSPOT ICONS_SED_Information Icon

Secure Access Cloud (SAC): Augments enterprise VPN capacity by providing secure remote access to corporate applications and systems without the need for an agent to be deployed. It is a fully cloud-based, software-defined perimeter that is ideal for employees and third parties seeking access from remote locations and devices.


Webinar Series

Hear from Art Gilliland, Senior VP and GM of the Symantec Enterprise Division and members of his leadership team for an informative webinar series. Each webinar includes information about how Symantec solutions can help organizations secure their remote workforce. 

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